The Festival will feature demonstrations by international master crafts people working in willow, wood, bamboo and fibre. Here are just a few of the many makers you will be able to see working. The full festival programme is available here.

Don Gaskins – Devon Rural Skills Trust                                                                           web:        e:                                 Hurdle, wattle and cleft gate making; pole latheing and rake making

Deryck Huby and Don Riddle – Salmon Putchers and Kypes                                     Salmon fishermen Deryck and Don fished for salmon with woven willow salmon traps – putchers and kypes on the River Severn. On Saturday 19 May Deryck and Don will have an impressive display of 12 putchers and a kype.

Jim Lugar – Sisal rope making                                                                                         Jim Lugar and company will be demonstrating the craft of sisal rope making with a jenny and a travelling head on Saturday 19 May.

Jan Johansen – Fencemaker                                                                                        web:                     e:                               Jan is a professional project manager and builder of natural fencing and site specific installations  and working with projects throughout Europe and          Africa. Jan will be weaving fencing around the festival.


Masashi Kutsuwa & Shinichi Kito -Traditional cormorant fishing baskets made from split bamboo. Japan.                                                                                                        A grant from the Daiwa Foundation and Sasakawa Foundation has supported the cost of Masashi Kutsuwa and Shinichi Kito demonstrating at the festival.

Masashi Kutsuwa from Japan will be demonstrating the skills of bamboo basketmaking.






Sinichi Kito making a basket for the fishermen who use cormorants to fish with in Japan.



Jette Mellgren – Denmark
web:     e:                                                      Putting the old weaving craft into new contexts – Experimenting with using artificial- and recyclable materials in baskets and working on how to present basketry with all old techniques in new scenes.

Hansgert Butterweck – Germany                                                                                   web:     e:                          Traditional, classic and contemporary German wicker rocking and arm chairs

Dieter Deringer – Germany                                                                                             web:     e:                             Baskets and wickerwork made of willow, traditional hand crafted and modern design

Owen Jones weaving a Cumbrian Oak Swill











Heritage Hall

The Festival will feature demonstrations showing the process of making a range of baskets at different times throughout the festival.

Alison Fitzgerald- Greenwood Baskets, has been weaving willow since moving to Ireland over 25 years ago. Her baskets are admired internationally for their subtle blends of natural bark colours, strong curves and tactile qualities. Alison will demonstrate the making of a frame basket.

Alastair Heseltine is a master craftsman and an early ambassador for the revival of interest in basket traditions in the 1980’s in England. He worked from his studio near the castle in Totnes, Devon and now lives in Canada. This is a special opportunity to see Alastair demonstrating.

Carole Horsington, Cornish Willow has been making and teaching for many years and will demonstrate the making of an English rush hat.

Lin Lovekin is an experienced basketmaker living and working in West Cornwall. Lin has an interest in historic baskets, the stories that they tell and how they are constructed, and will be demonstrate the croust box – a fishermen’s lunchbox.

Details of times will be available in the full programme….coming soon.