Light Fantastic Wearable Basketry Parade

The 2013 festival will end on Sunday afternoon with a Parade of lightweight and fantastical costumes inspired by the idea of Wearable Basketry, around the medieval courtyard of Dartington Hall

Participants in the Parade will include students from South Devon College as well as children from Dartington Primary School.

The children and students will have had the opportunity to work with basketmakers during the months preceding the festival to create costumes using techniques normally associated with basketry.

Trip Along to the Light Fantastic Wearable Basketry Parade

Joining the parade is simple  – just turn up in the designated area near the courtyard, dressed and ready in your costumes at 4.00pm on Sunday 19th May. Anyone is free to join in. The only criteria is that something that you are wearing must have a connection with basketweaving techniques or materials.

If you want to use the festival site storage and dressing room then contact Geraldine Jones. Space is limited so please reserve early.

The event will be widely covered by the press and will offer excellent marketing and photographic opportunities as well as simply being lots of fun.

As an extra incentive to create some fabulous entries, a selected panel of judges will choose just one costume which will be sponsored for entry into the Open Category of the New Zealand Wearable Arts Awards in 2014. Guidelines at:


Parade participants will be gathering at 4pm in the Space entrance area, ready for the Piper to lead the way to the courtyard at 4.15pm

Anyone wearing a basketry costume or accessory is invited to join the fun. It will be a relaxed and casual experience which should surprise and delight the participants as well as the audience. Costumes can be stored prior to the Parade in the costume store next to the Basket Tree Room.

There will be a photo shoot of individual costumes in the costume store on Sunday afternoon before the Parade begins.                                                                               There is one prize, sponsored by Musgrove Willows. This is for £150 which is to help towards funding the entry of the winning costume into the 2014 New Zealand Wearable Arts Awards.

Basketry and Beyond committee members will asses the costumes during the festival and parade and will select the winner at a meeting after the event.

The winner will be notified in June and details will be posted on the Basketry and Beyond website.

IMPORTANT – Anyone who would like to have their costume considered for this award will need to read the Entry Guidelines and Terms and conditions for this year’s New Zealand Wearable Arts Award which can be found at

These provide a good guide for the 2014 awards. There is an Open Section every year.