Perigord Baskets

TUTORS: Philippe Guérinel / François Desplanches

The Périgord basket, le bouyricou, a spiral basket is a typical basket from the Dordogne in France.

This is a unique opportunity to work with two professional basketmakers from France, Philippe Guérinel and François Desplanches on a three day workshop to make a Périgord basket.

About the course

Title:  Périgord Baskets
About the tutors: Philippe is a master of the spiral plait form found in the Périgord basket.  Living in in the countryside he would collect corn and potatoes in these baskets and saw the older men making them, realising that the technique might disappear with them, at the age of 32 he took up basketmaking, concentrating on the Périgord basket. Francois will help him with translation during the course. These two teachers and makers, skilled in French traditions, approach their work with a contemporary outlook. To see examples of François’ work

Knowledge/skills: Previous basketmaking skills intermediate/advanced and plenty of patience and concentration needed.

Course Format: Philippe will demonstrate and teach you how to make a Périgord basket. The process of creating the basket and learning the technique is an art that you will be able to immerse yourself in. The course will be structured to ensure that you will produce a Périgord basket.

After completing this course….
You will have created a unique and beautiful Périgord basket that you will be able to parade at the festival weekend. You will have learnt how to work with a spiral weave and extended your basketry skills.

Cost: £260 includes all materials, tea/coffee and cakes.
Duration: This is a three day course starting at 10:00 and finishing by 17:00.
Dates (new course): Monday 20 May, Tuesday 21 May and Wednesday 22 May 2013
Accommodation: Dartington Estate has a range of accommodation with reduced rates. Contact: 01803 847147 email quoting Basketry and Beyond Festival.

What to bring: You will need to usual basketmaking tools, knife, bodkin, rapping iron, secateurs. You may also want to bring a notebook and a camera.